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Fitbit isn’t just about tracking your activity. It hopes to build a community around fitness.

The Fitbit comes in a variety of different colors and styles with an array of advanced capabilities. The Fitbit Charge HR tracks heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned — and serves as a caller ID for incoming calls. The Fitbit Surge will display entire text messages, along with all of the other features needed to track your activity level.

Besides making us more aware of our physical fitness, Fitbit offers another lure: Its ability to connect with others. A Fitbit user has the ability to choose as many (or as few) friends to share their personal stats with.

On a larger scale, some organizations are offering incentives to the workforce if they connect with their corporate Fitbit account. By doing so, they will earn extra “wellness” points, resulting in lower healthcare costs for those that participate.

The Fitbit community is also meeting up with each other on the official Fitbit Facebook page, which currently has over 2 million likes. There you’ll find tips, comments, and interactions.

Fitbit also has a Twitter account.  While this mode of social media has fewer followers at just over 342,000, it is another avenue for Fitbit users to connect with each other.

Once you have a Fitbit, you’ll also be able to join the online Fitbit community. Here, you can find new friends to follow using the Fitbit app and post questions to the forum. There are Fitbit groups for support, help, and friendships.

New Fitbit communities are popping up everywhere.  They have taken being physically active to a whole new level.

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