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Social Media Lessons Hamilton

Social-media lessons from ‘Hamilton’: Letting fans tell your story

Mike Karns, CEO of Marathon Live and the social-media manager of ‘Hamilton,’ shared some lessons brand managers can take away from the play’s social-media success.

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Dear Kitten: The marketing power of cat videos

A few years ago, Purina’s Friskies brand joined forces with Buzzfeed to develop a successful marketing campaign called Dear Kitten.

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Springfield Art Museum #GiveOzarks 2016 #SaveTheFrenchFries. Photo credit: Aaron J. Scott.

#GiveOzarks: Tapping into social media for fundraising

The annual #GiveOzarks campaign in Springfield, Missouri, has been a big success, with local nonprofits collectively raising over $1 million each year since its inception in 2015.

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Sprout Social or Oktopost?

Looking for a social-media management system? We review two comprehensive packages for monitoring and management: Sprout Social and Oktopost.

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Pokémon Go: Creating communities off the couch

In just a matter of days, Pokémon Go has gone from a simple game to a catalyst for organic communities of gamers and non-gamers connecting through social media and face-to-face interaction.

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