Previous Drury SMS student: Iván GarnicaIván Garnica joined the #DrurySMS alums in 2015. Today, he uses Facebook and Instagram regularly as part of his work with the Drury on C-Street Gallery.

  • Name: Iván Garnica
  • Class: Summer 2015
  • Profession: Graduate assistant for Arts Administration
  • Place(s) where you use social media: Drury on C-Street Gallery

Why did you want take the Drury University Social Media Strategy  course?

Social media is becoming such a powerful tool, or investment, for any organization. This class not only helps you understand the analytics behind the multiple platforms available, but also how to improve each post (sometimes with success and sometimes without!). And I wanted to take this course as part of my master’s curriculum.

How did you hear about the course?

Drury’s M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership curriculum. I really didn’t hear about this class prior to the program.

What #DrurySMS course strategies do you use most in your day-to-day activities?

Honestly, I worked all of last year to increase the engagement levels for the Drury on C-Street Facebook page. By using notes relating to the Facebook portion of the class (using photos for each post, consistently posting throughout the day, strong links, etc.), I increased the likes from 344 to 530 (August 17, 2015 – July 25, 2016). I have used Instagram as well, but it is still a work in progress.

What social media platform do you feel engages your current audience best? Why?

Currently, Facebook has a much larger audience and more interaction, thus, more engagement opportunities. As presented in #DrurySMS, people feel more willing to share events, tag their photos, like and comment on Facebook as compared to Instagram. However, considering that it is an art gallery that places a large emphasis on visuals, I think it would be wise to work more with Instagram.

What is your personal favorite social media platform, and why?

Definitely Instagram. Facebook has become a platform to share information. To share stories or events. Instagram is much quicker. People can be entertained by simply scrolling through the memories being shared by friends or simply look up a topic of interest. Whether it’s work of other artists, photos from musicians, food or from travel, Instagram is incredibly immersive to a wider audience. I love that.

Since taking #DrurySMS, what else have your social-media experiences taught you?

Social media can be much more than simply posting the “right” picture or status. That it is about understanding that each platform has a specific audience. I learned a lot from Dr. Groves.

What tips to succeed would you offer current or future students of #DrurySMS?

Having a preferred social medium does not mean only using that particular one. Even though I like Instagram the best, I have learned so much about Periscope, Pocket, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social-media spaces. Each social-media space has a certain audience that thrives. Knowing what your organization does and how that translates to a particular message is the first step to knowing what social-media platform is best for your organization. And it may also be a combination of a few.

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